Life is a Journey

Life is a different progression for everyone of us.  Some of our progress is simple and easy while some of our progress is a struggle.  On one hand, it difficult for some to keep up with necessary bills such as heat and water, not to mention hot water or to keep enough food on the table for our families and a livable home.  It seems that everything goes wrong no matter what you do to make it work.  Life is a trial from the time we are born to the end of our life for some of us.  We are not aware of most of it as a child, but by the time we are aware, we can’t seem to do anything about our financial situation up to our death.  If you are Black or Native American it’s racism that keeps you in a bind.  The prices in their  neighbors are designed to take from them because they are not to get ahead.  If you are poor White or foreigners you aren’t good enough to be the best.  Everything is against the odds.

Manufacturing companies are putting chemicals in the air and food just to put out a product good or bad for the money.  They dump chemicals in our water supply that leak onto the fields that grow the food.  By the time the medical field knew what to name it, cancer was rampant.  Herbs are not used in medicines unless it’s spiked with cancer causing chemicals.  Pills are advertised today with so many ill causing ingredients that I can’t even imagine that it can be helpful for the symptoms that’s it’s being advertised for.

The beauty in today’s technology, television, computers and mobile phones, is being used against us to promote evil and harm.  No!, that’s not enough for the evil doers.  War is initiated between nations, between our own neighborhoods and between each other in our families because we look different, we think differently and believe differently.

Babies are born into a difficullt life from abused and raped women, young girls forced into sex; the misuse of the beauty of how God created life to be.  The pleasure of husbands and wives, comes rules, regulations, responsibilities , kind treatment and love.  Abuse towards women, children and the elderly is rampant.  They are often beaten, and killed if they stand up for themselves and their beliefs.   People in the modern world don’t have any remorse about what they do. Some even think that other races of people are not even human.  There’s too much fornication and adultry; too much crime and corruption, no respect for parents, other people or their property; they don’t even respect themselves. A modern day Sodom and Gomorrah is being played out everyday and the time is near when God will destroyed it all.

Young women think having babies will keep a man in their lives. Yes, it will, only when he wants pleasure or to use her. She means nothing to him but a piece. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.
Young men think having babies will make them a man. Being a man is much more than fathering a child. Males don’t even come into full maturity until about the age of 40. Having a baby will however, make him responsible for a human life for a very long time, or go to jail for non-support of that child or children. God set down guidlines for us to follow, but many choose not to follow God’s rules but will follow man-made laws or they will be made to. Young people should learn to control themselves; for controling themselves will help to control their enviroments which will control their transition from this earth to Heaven or Hell.  


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