Monthly Archives: December 2014


I am a wide, vast, shadeless plain
with burning sand and scorching heat mains.
Cactus plants survive my terrain
with storms of wind and red clouds of sand.

I am a wide, vast, shadeless plain
between the mountains and the sea.
I reach below the sky and under me.
Nurtured horned vipers burrow in the sand;
one strike will send you insane.

The whirling sound of my wind strong,
the burning pain of sand being thrown,
and in my veins there’s a wish
to give you miles of fiery abyss.

I am peaceful but fear to be left
stranded on the plains of me.
I will swell your tongue, dry your brain
while you try to imagine pouring rain.

I am a wide, vast, shadeless plain
My wrath brings ample tears of fear.
Welcome to my heated sand sea,
flaming hot sands shadow below;
relentless winds inhale your nose.

I watch the daylight approach fast,
night creatures slither back under warm sand
and myriad rays race to close the past.
The sun and wind must be shared with man.
I know you have come a long way to enjoy my world,
and I want you to stay.

I’m sweltering and quite insane.
You’ll discover blistered backs,
rashes of pain, empty canteens
and lacking rain.

God gifted me with a quiet raging sun,
miles of burning, rippling sand,
and furious winds on a dry rampage.
I am a wide, vast, shadeless plain
and your presence here is truly my gain.