(For black History Month ) I AM!

I was born with the worlds greatest contralto voice,
denied my chance to perform at Constitution Hall
but wowed them all at Lincoln Memorial with a selection of my choice.
I am Marian Anderson of Pennsylvania.

My state never saw another the likes of me.
Education was my game and I was hoisted to fame as a special adviser to Roosevelt and Truman.
I left my mark at Bethune-Cookman College and the National Council of Black women.
I am Mary McLeod Bethune of South Carolina.

My talent and looks stunned them all in Hollywood.
My voice swooned thru the Cotton Club.
I was the first Black woman nominated for an Academy Award.
My fame opened the doors for Black actresses to soar.
I am Dorothy Dandridge from Ohio,

I dedicated my life to fight for rights with SNCC.
I helped thousands of black voters cast their ballads
and walked next to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an activist.
I am Fannie Lou Hamer from Mississippi.

I used my pen to write about the life of African-American tales and cultural rights.
I was a Harlem Renaissance member during my fight.
I hail from the sunshine state with no contrite.
I am Zora Neale Hurston of Florida.

I am the brave one who refused to get up from my seat and sit in the back of the bus.
I am called “the mother of the Civil Rights Movement;”
arrested because I stood up for us.
I am Rosa Parks of Alabama.

My struggles to stay alive from childhood ills,
double pneumonia, crippling polio and disabling disease
were my first accomplishments in strength of mind and will.
I was the first American woman, black or white, to win three gold medals in the Olympics.
My hard work and struggles led me to be one of the most celebrated female athletes.
I am Wilma Rudolph of Tennessee.

I was born way back when women could not lecture in public,
yet from my mind and my pen, I spoke for Human Rights, oppressed blacks living in huts.
I spoke in defense of women’s rights, liberty and equality.
I am Mrs. Maria W. Stewart from Connecticut.

I sang my soul out with my heart on my sleeve.
I was called the empress of blues you see!
I inspired many with my spirit and soul.
I am Bessie Smith from Tennessee.

I spoke out for women’s rights during slavery when women could not speak or vote like their mates.
I was an abolitionist right next to Frederick Douglas and Lloyd William Garrison.
I am Sojourner Truth of New York State.

I am praised by many women of color whose confidence leaped and sputtered
when I invented a hair care product that made our women woo and mutter.
I am a self-made millionaire who raised black self-esteem.
I am Madame C J Walker from Louisiana.

Who am I among all these greats? I toiled with 300 in the Underground to freedom gates
and never lost a passenger or their faith.
I had the same motivation as the Prophet Moses, to help save my people from the spraying hoses.
I am Harriet Tubman from Maryland.

Jamillah A Muhaymin


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