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Jalaludin Rumi- poems

I love traditional poems and the traditional forms of poetry. I love the old poets who just wrote about life and how they saw it and felt it; nature and how they view it and God’s creation, how they understood it.

Rumi is one of those poets whom I love.

ANY COMMENTS? Love to hear from you.


Lucid, I like the idea of a Haiku a day.  Glad to see that you are staying with the traditional format of Haiku. I have tried some modern day Haiku, but love the old 5-7-5 form; it keeps with the original meaning of the word Haiku.


Let’s make this year the best for poetry. Getting back to classic poetry with meaningful lyrics. The William Blake’s, The Tyger, Mia Angelou, The Caged Bird Sing, Elizabeth Barrett Browing, A Man’s Reqirements are words that make you feel something, words that make you want to write. So, poets/writers, grab your pens and began your year of great writing. Share it with your fan and those that will find you in their search.